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Ca7 Web Client Functional Issues

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ARUN PRAMOD BUSINENI's profile image
02-15-2020 03:03 AM

1) Unable to select jobs listed across multiple pages to add a requirement. We are allowed to select the job listed in a page but selection can not be extended to other pages. I have also raise a case for the same Case#20311176 and I was asked to log all the issues/enhancements as an 'Idea' hence I am putting it out here.

2) The Instance demanded in CA7 picked the JCL and waiting in queue for other requirements but in CA7 Web Client the status shows as SKELETON. Even after multiple refresh state remains SKELETON. Refer attached screen shot with title 'Ca7 WebClient Issue-2.jpg'

3) The cancelled instance in CA7 actual shows different status in Web Client. For eg. CA7# 8352 is cancelled in CA7 but in web client the State says LATE. However Flow View Legend Icon matches with 'Cancelled Job icon. Refer attached screen shot with title 'Ca7 WebClient Issue-3.jpg'