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DAR: Provide a DBTEST control card to allow a repeat factor more than 99

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08-18-2019 03:35 AM

​DBTEST control cards were only created to have a repeat factor of 99.  I would like to see a new control created that simply says to use the repeat factor on this control card for the next DBTEST Command Control statement that is provided.  Enable this repeat factor to be able to handle 1B repeats.

COVERED areas have been around for years and are used in conjunction with Datacom Tables (a.k.a. files) being opened and records read and reread multiple times.  However, there are also many applications that utilize Tables as static look-up or cross-reference tables and are used across applications.  These may be as simple as 2 character state code look-ups, or valid plant code cross references, dept #s to department name and GL account numbers, etc.

I'd like to use a 3-5 statement DBTEST program to be able to read a static table and pre-load the COVERED area immediately after the MUF comes up on a weekend so the static tables are already in storage when business application transactions or jobs open up on a Monday morning.  The new repeat count would enable us to read more than 99 records per command control card or needing to duplicate the command control card numerous times.