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ESP Round Robin balance feature

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01-20-2020 11:19 AM

One of the most important italian customer SOGEI, is requesting to add a sort of round robin algorithm balance on the ESP features.
Practically they are asking to have a new feature that, having more than one machine where schedule jobs and setting up a maximum limit of MSU for each machine(not superable), schedule the jobs with a round robin algorithm (or similar) on each machine till the  max limit of MSU allowed.
Obviously ESP must be able to check in real time the MSU of each machine to be able to schedule only on the machine who has enough MSU to spend.
Piratically a sort of dispatcher where the scheduling is managed by a continuous balanced leveling of the job scheduling.
Could we develop a functionalities like that ?


30 days ago

Hello, Alessandro,

Wonder if ESP service governor (HPO) option can meet their requirement. See the doc link below, scroll down to "Balance Your Workload":

In short, ESP is able to send the next workload to the machine (either mainframe or distributed server) with least CPU usage thru resource management, 

Thank you,