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CA eHealth unspported SNMPv3 internally.

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03-15-2017 02:13 AM

Hello Dears,


We are looking for SNMPv3 to be fully supported and provided by CA product. Unlike we have to seek other third parties SNMPv3 modules support, It is strongly recommended CA to enhance such approach in case customers paying efforts to wrong way.


found that CA eHealth unspported SNMPv3 internally.



Timothy Ho. 


07-13-2017 12:31 PM

Hi Timothy,


Given that we recently announced the pending EOL for eHealth, we won't be entertaining any additional enhancement requests for this product.  As previously mentioned, CA PM is the next generation replacement solution for eHealth and CA PM does have native SNMPv3 support.

06-26-2017 05:08 AM

Please refer to SNMPv3 Support .. CA Peformance managament which is the replacement product for eHealth does support SNMP v3 devices natively 

03-15-2017 03:04 AM

Hi Timothy,

I've voted for your  idea, because it's a shame that CA didn't integrate native SNMPv3 into  eHealth during the last 10 years.

But: There is no chance to get it. There is no more (real) development for eHealth. 

Regards, Frank