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xFlow for Level II analysts

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07-05-2016 11:20 AM

I was informed by CA Support that xFlow is simply a Level I analyst interface. This was disappointing to hear because I really like the interface, but I am not sure I could provide this new interface to the Level I analysts and withhold it from our Level II analysts. I would like to see a Level II interface that can leverage changes, problems, issues, etc. before moving forward. Thanks.


05-10-2017 01:59 PM



  I Agree, it's great idea and also i can understand the CA roadmap and i agree. 


We need to use it. Looking for Does anyone have xFlow running successfully in their production environment? we can identify the global use.



04-20-2017 06:32 AM

dion.alexander Change Management, Problem Management capabilities are on the long-term roadmap. Level-2 Analysts can use xFlow for most of the ticket management functions and switch over to the SDM classic interface (using /SwitchView command) to perform actions that are not available in xFlow at this time. /SwitchView command feature will be available in our upcoming 17.0 release.


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07-07-2016 12:34 PM

I think this is possible unless if I understand this right!


The interface wont change but the level of visibility can be configured as that in Level 1 to Level 2 differences using the classic interface. You can build your own stream as per your requirement in xFlow for the Level 2 analyst team.