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OPSVIEW - 4.8 Panel - Manage Sysplex Global Variables

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01-21-2019 10:43 AM

I can think of lots of good uses for SYSPLEX global variables at my site. It would however be really helpful to be able to view/manipulate these special variables via the OPS;4;8 panel and not just via the OPSVASRV function.


05-06-2019 02:34 PM

CA OPS/MVS engineering team discussed this idea during ideation review meeting and has accepted it as a valid enhancement request. User story added to OPS/MVS backlog.  Idea status changed from Under Review to Wish-Listed.

01-21-2019 03:47 PM

Including GLVPLXT* sysplex variables within 4.8 would be a very good tool. Additional items would be of great value too such as displaying/deleting GLVJOBID variables (list the asid/jobname or pop up list of currently set and then select) as well as listing blockage usage per variable to assist you when attempting to cleanup SYSCHK1. Ideally list top offenders across all stem names as well as focal view of all stems in use (avoid entering all valid stem names). Currently doing this within in a user OPS/REXX utility pgm,  but would like to see more out of the box functionality in this area of 'tools to manipulate Global variable usage to cleanup SYSCHK1'. I'll create some additional Ideas and details on these items to keep them separate.