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Enhance Trace facility to include unit test framework & mocking

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07-02-2020 10:45 PM

Integrate the ability to execute unit test and test cases against a Ca Gen load module via the trace facility?

 Execute one or more test cases

  1. For each test execution
    1. provide data for execution (import views, commands, etc)
    2. Match against expected results (export views, commands, exit states etc)
  2. Results returned in a reportable format (e.g. xUNIT style format)
  3. Test runs can be executed via external tool (Guardien, Jenkins, Azure DevOps, Bamboo etc)


Provide the ability to provide mock results based on a matched test case (see above) for one or more statements during the test execution.

E.g. Each statement could be correctly identified from the action block name and statement number, and for a particular statement number a set of mock results could be provided. During the test execution, that statement could be skipped and the mock data\results could be provided.

This would include Database calls, action block calls, etc.

 The Toolset could have a wizard to help generate the mock data (e.g. Open action block, select statement to mock, and you will be provided a list of view(s) & attributes (commands & Exit states) that can be changed by that statement.