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HA probe for Robots

Last activity 12-17-2016 01:10 PM
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09-02-2015 07:44 AM

A HA probe for robots. In order to move a probe and its configuration between two robots.

In my case it is needed when making a switch from the primary to the secondary robot. If I for example have logmon probe installed on both, but only one active profile in the primary robot, it should be disabled on the primary and enabled on the secondary (which will then become the primary) in connection when the switch occurs.


The Logmon-probe may be a bad example, but there are probes where you only want to have active profiles running on the primary, and disabled on the secondary, in order not to create conflicts.


03-01-2016 05:28 AM

Garin - I had to look up your Dr. Seuss reference...

I know rith has reservations about using a hub (if it were even possible) but I think perhaps this would be the best solution.

Maybe create an 'idea' for IBM i Hub support?

The other consideration is probe config synchronisation, which is not an OOTB offering. I regularly implement pairs of monitoring hubs and create different methods of synchronising the configs depending on environment.

02-29-2016 07:05 AM

IIRC it is possible to point the HA probe at something other than a hub. You may need to edit the .cfg file to achieve this. I set it up in the past for a client, basicaly so it sat on one hsot wathing the a probe on another host. If that probe became unavailable, it would fire up its own local instance. It worked perfectly, but is probably not CA suported.

09-16-2015 11:13 AM

Well, the problem here is that the HUB is not a supported probe on iSeries (IBM i), which is my OS for this issue. And even if it was working, I've had (have) enough of problems with secondary HUB's disconnecting on regular basis.

So...I still need something to switch a probe between two iSeries-Robot's

09-08-2015 09:19 AM

I'm not sure that I like the idea or not. I think that it is more that in UIM there's kind of a dual class society - robots with a hub probe and those without. So, just like the Dr. Seuss story (The Sneetches), just stamp a hub on there and make it into something that it doesn't need to be. Technically there's no reason not to install the hub probe on everything though it would be unnecessary. That will unnecessarily elevate your robot's status to "with hub" and give the HA probe what it needs. You will need to pay attention to the origin value if that matters because the robot will inherit that value from the hub probe it's using and obviously you'll need some queues set up to move data.