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DAR: Collect and store COMPER & GROWTH actuals for DEVICE Report

Last activity 05-28-2020 03:13 PM
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05-28-2020 03:13 PM

​This DAR pertains to making a Data Area Space Report (DEVICE) more accurate by:
1) When a DBUTLTY LOAD is performed with STATS=YES specified, calculate the compression percent and store it in the CXX for the DBID & Area.  When the CXX report is printed it would show an estimated compression percent if COMPRESS=NO or it would show the actual average compression percent if COMPRESS=YES was specified.

2) As part of the information that is stored in the History file when a LOAD is performed, calculate and store the positive or negative growth rate in the History database.

With these two numbers actually being capture and stored, a DBA would now have actual values that they could plug into the Device Report that would make it more accurate and less of a wild guess for determining space growth.