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Active Directory Home Directory management enhancements

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04-23-2016 09:11 AM



Many customers has some very specific use cases in regards to managing end user's AD Account Home drive:


  1. Create the Home Drive with a specific set of permissions. the current connector can only set limited number of permissions but these are hard coded.
  2. Modify the Home Drive
    1. Rename - the current connector will not rename an existing home drive but will create a new one with the new name which is not a good idea.
    2. Move - if the storage requirements changed
  3. Delete the home drive on user termination
  4. Share the home drive


As this are repeatable requirements, we are faced with technical changeless to meet the customer expectations by either not using the connector feature at all and/or using custom scripts and complicated infrastructure workarounds to try to meet the customer need which adds complexity to the solution


My idea is the enhance and enrich the home drive use case as follows


  • Add the ability to controls granular permissions. for example, set inheritance on the created home drive but only the end user's AD account change/read/modify permissions and the support group with read access
  • Add the ability to rename and move the home drive
  • Add the ability to delete the home drive as an option on user deletion
  • Add the ability to share the created home drive


This can improve our product and provide seamless operation for our customers without the need for custom coding or complex infrastructure solutions which increase the TCO of the solution.






11-01-2017 12:47 PM

Very common requirements.