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Enhancement Request: Provisionning tier - multi tenants feature

Last activity 09-10-2019 11:50 AM
Trong Thi TRAN's profile image
08-23-2019 10:20 AM


The current version CA IM R14 does not provide multi tenant feature for the provisionning tier. This functionnality is very useful in a multi tenant deployment context by making savings on the infrastructure cost.
Hope you can support us to make it a reality.
Thank you.


09-10-2019 11:50 AM


What Thi means is that one Prov Server cannot serve multiple IM environments when provisioning inbound notifications are in use. The only workaround is to duplicate all the provisioning servers / directories with a different callback URL.

Our goal would be to limit the number of servers and add physical resources on the current ones (RAM/CPU) so that each server can support multiple environments.

François HOGUET

08-29-2019 08:27 AM


We are working on converting our Provisioning Server infrastructure to 64Bit and it will be available on our next release.

We are not planning to support this request