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multiple action tags for bulkload client

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06-10-2016 02:39 PM

We have a bulk load client installed in a windows 2008 server. Bulk load

client has a file, which has the following

default action tags: delete, create, modify.





We have quite a few IDM tasks which we need to call using the bulk

load client, however the presence of only three action tags is preventing

us from adding more IDM tasks to the action tag in the file.


We would like to have a feed file for instance:

create1 - nonemployee

create2 - employee


In the properties file:

delete, create1, create2,...  modify.




Basically read the action column in the feed file for a text string, then match that string in the and perform the task associated to that action tag. Doing this would allow for unlimited mappings.


09-04-2018 11:19 AM

delete, create, modify are just samples. You can map whatever action you want to whatever task you want (for example: "create contractor", "create employee")

See the documentation for additional information: