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DAR: Synchronize Field attribute options on T03D, TDXD and documentation

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07-14-2020 12:31 PM

When using DDOL to DEFINE a FIELD and turn around and DISPLAY the field, all of the same attributes should be shown in the same order with a similar meaning.  That is not the current case.  For example:

I am trying to follow

Datacom Core 15.1 Reference,

Define FIELD Occurrences to a TABLE (pg 1422),

Second Line of Attributes (pg. 1425),

Those field entries do NOT line up with that line that also contains 22 bytes of Options:

              Preci (5 spelled out)

              Type (presumed to be 1)

              Len (presumed to be 5)

              Repeat (presumed to be 1)

              Just (presumed to be 1)

              Rdf (presumed to be 1)

              Null (presumed to be 1)

              Fill (1 or blank)

              Sign (presumed to be 1)

              Type (presumed to be 1)

              Dec (presumed to be 3)


Yet screen TDXD line 2 clearly shows 27 bytes of information.  All 27 ought to be described here in the correct order.  See the example below


I have a group level field followed by two simple fields:  Let me describe it in COBOL terminology:

              02          TR-BR-GR.

                             03          TR-NO                 PIC X(9).

                             03          BR-NO                 PIC X(5).

How do I define those three fields to Datacom/DB Structure Maintenance?


The following are the same fields that are defined to a different table in the same database.








        Level    Field-Name                                (Numeric Attributes)

        Preci    Type   Len   Repeat  Just  Rdf  Null Fill  Sign  Typ-Num  Dec

====== ========================== T O P =======================================


000001  1        TR-BR-GR

       00000    CHAR   00014  00001    L    N    N

000002   2       TR-NO

       00009    CHAR   00009  00001    L    N    N

000003   2       BR-NO

       00005    CHAR   00005  00001    L    N    N





DATACOM/DB STRUCTURE MAINTENANCE                                        DISPLAY


       Status: PROD                     Version: 013


       Entity-Type          Occurrence-Name                                Use

                             DB-Name DB-Id  Length  Options

====== ========================== T O P ======================================


000001 TABLE                BLI-PRI-POINTERS                          v      N

                               BPT      005   00096   YYNNY000000YN   v

000002   FIELD              TR-BR-GR                                  v 

                                              00014   00000001C00001LNCNC000

000003   FIELD              TR-NO

                                              00009   00000002C00001LNSNC000

000004   FIELD              BR-NO

                                              00005   00000002C00001LNSNC000

((NOTE Column 17 of the Options) It reflects C=Compound field vs. S=Simple field which is derived from the Level 01 vs. 02)  This has nothing to do with the FILL indicator which is Y or blank.

((NOTE I was wrong.  There are only 22 bytes of information.  I miscounted.  However, I can’t identify the Option fields using the above referenced doc that is in the manual.  Some appear to be missing and each should specify a length for the user to go by.  You should not have to reference the Attribute manual to look up each length.))

The bottom line is that each Field Attribute on the T03D should map to a field or Option byte on the TDXD and vice-versa.