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Robot Down and Ping fail alert suppression

Last activity 07-13-2018 05:57 AM
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04-02-2015 12:47 PM

When robot goes down then Ping fali and robot Inactive alerts are triggered.
Please define a new process such that whenever robot goes down only Ping fail alert is triggered not Robot inactive.


07-13-2018 05:57 AM

This might help:


-- Find inactive robots, ping them to see if just the robot which is down or the server.

-- The script assumes robot inactive alarms from the hub have been changed to major, this could always be handled by the script of course

-- just insert the following lines after line 26

-- a.level = 4

-- a.severity = major


--Find inactive robot alarm(s)

al=alarm.list("message","Robot % is inactive")

if al ~= nil then

   for i = 1,#al do

      -- Place current row al[i] into a (for readability)

      a = al[i]

      -- Print nimid, hostname, severity and message for troubleshooting

      printf("%02d %s %s %s",i,a.source,a.severity,a.message)

      -- Get the ip of the robot from the alarm

      ip_addr = a.source

      -- Print for troubleshooting


      -- Ping the ip

      ping_success =

         if ping_success then

            -- Print the status for troubleshooting

            print("Ping success "..ip_addr)

            -- Edit the alarm message to to assist ops

            message_add_OK = "but server responds to ping OK"

            a.message = a.message.." "..message_add_OK

            -- Change severity to major

            --a.level = 4

            --a.severity = major

            alarm.set (a)


            --Print the status for troubleshooting

            print("Ping fail "..ip_addr)

            -- Edit the alarm message to assist ops

            message_add_fail = "and no response to ping!"

            a.message = a.message.." "..message_add_fail

            -- Change the severity to critical

            a.level = 5

            a.severity = critical





06-09-2017 10:26 AM



That's a very bad idea. First "Robot is inactive" mean that the Nimsoft agent is probably down (but the VM/Physical Server can be ok).


The monitoring is not the same at all (And returned QOS are not reporting the same metrics). Right here this is how i see these alarms : 


Robot is inactive : The monitoring is probably down.

Ping failed : The server is probably down.


The difference between them is important and for big customer that change how the incident is created and which team is contacted at first.


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09-11-2015 06:01 AM

If i'm not mistaken "Robot is Inactive" alarms are generated from/because the hub probe has not received a message (actively or passively) from the robot within a specified time period. A ping fail is generated because the the icmp (or net_connect) probe not getting an ICMP reply from the server.

They are two separate probes and therefore unaware of each other's alarms - I don't think it's possible to have only the ping when both conditions exist (with the current architecture).

You might be able code something in nas (or use fault_correlation ?) that would produce the desired result you are looking for.