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Support for ADAL in Secure Cloud

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12-24-2015 06:43 AM

We are using Seure Cloud with SAML now.
We plan to use Office 365 via Seure Cloud with SAML.
So, We request that Support for ADAL in Secure Cloud.


- Office 2013 updated authentication enabling Multi-Factor Authentication and SAML identity providers


Thanks and best regards,
Mitsuru Tanakamaru


02-05-2016 06:54 AM

Thank you for submitting this idea. There must have been some misunderstanding because CA Secure Cloud already supports ADAL.


If this does not work for you there may be some issue with configuration and CA Support or your local CA representative may be able to assist with sorting this out. If you prefer, you can post your question to the community as well and perhaps someone can jump in to help here.