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ADD support of CA Easytrieve to InterTest Batch

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10-16-2017 02:17 AM

Enhancement request to add support of CA Easytrieve application programs to InterTest Batch. The application programs may have access of sequential file, DB2 database and IMS Database.


11-01-2017 04:59 AM

Hello Michael, thank you for sharing your note. I was able to recover the text. Here it is. If there is anyone else out there who thinks this is a good idea, please vote and let us know your interest. Thank you, petr


We would like to submit an enhancement request: Support CA Easytrieve Plus   
for source level debugging in InterTest Batch.                               
There are two obvious challenges:                                            
1. The normal flow for InterTest source level debugging requires that a      
compile listing be loaded into the InterTest PROTSYM symbolic repository.    
This implies that source level support would require that the Easytrieve     
program be pre-compiled and linked, rather than dynamically compiled.  That  
is, the Easytrieve program would use PARM LINK.                              
That is an acceptable limitation.                                            
2. The InterTest symbolic processor needs to be able to get code offsets to  
match the source code to the generated instructions. The Easytrieve compile  
listing doesn't show generated machine code, and I don't recall it showing   
instruction offsets. This would need to be added to Easytrieve.              
Business Impact:                                                             
Easytrieve is a great utility, and we love it, but a major disadvantage to   
using it (especially with larger programs and hybrid applications) is that it
can't be debugged, and we don't have source level support in abend tools such
as IBM Fault Analyzer.  Thus we tend to hit a limit where beyond a certain   
point of complexity, we need to be coding in a fully supported source        
language.  The problem is that we tend to *start* with Easytrieve, and keep  
adding to the program, so once we hit the limit it is too late -- we're stuck
with Easytrieve.                                                             
So the lack of debug support makes troubleshooting complex applications more

10-19-2017 10:27 AM

I submitted this as an InterTest Batch enhancement request in 2011: 20471763 01 - DAR:  SUPPORT FOR EASYTRIEVE.


Unfortunately I can't find the text of the request. But I remember it contained some discussion about what it would take for this to work.