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CAPC :: Override Interfaces Speed from a List of Interfaces (from a CSV File)

Last activity 08-02-2017 01:24 AM
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11-20-2014 03:20 PM

It would be nice to override interfaces speed from a given CSV file:


#tenant name,device name,element name, interface speed

Customer_1,device_1, eth0, 100000000

Customer_1,device_1, eth1, 1000000000

Customer_2,device_2, Gig0/1, 1000000000

Customer_3,device_3, Gig0/2_VLAN, 1000000


We need to override more than 300 interfaces among 30 devices and the GUI offers the possibility to override only one by one.


More commonly it would be nice to have the possibility to override any collected data from csv file.


08-02-2017 01:24 AM

I aggree,


This function is needed in the GUI.

There the users work and there they need this function, to work efficiently.

REST API is a backend tool  for specialists.

We need a tool for users.

05-15-2017 03:20 AM

The REST API is very indeed powerful and allows many bulk operations. Spending some time to learn how to use it is totally worth it.

03-02-2015 11:08 AM

Completed by writing down a script that uses the CADA REST API.