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Monitor each port on OSA device as separate entity

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01-20-2015 02:33 PM



The ability to adequately monitor each port separately on the OSA device so each can be treated as a separate entity, producing alerts and information independent of the other port on that same device. This is vital to maintain the integrity of the IP stack and connectivity between mainframe and network.

This will help facilitate the ability to define, monitor and display attributes, alerts and all other information for each OSA port individually and independent of the status of the other OSA port on that same device.

Each OSA port is defined individually in the IP monitor, allowing the ability to add /remove attributes and show data / alerts, etc independently.





05-22-2019 02:37 PM

Idea stems from NMS12.0 UI... OSA 3270 UI was reworked for NMS12.1... 


Ports/Unit scan be monitored as a sub-qualifier.