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Enhance TSSUIL report

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02-10-2019 07:55 AM

We recently had an issue with a customer trying to connect his CICS to our CICS using SSL certificates . Everything seemed to be ok since we didn't see any violations in TSSUTIL from our side but constantly received error messages in CICS CSM5 file that SSL connection could not be established . No error was observed either in TSSOERPT for the time CSM5 had the error displayed .

Opened an issue with CA TOP SECRET support and aided by Brian an Eileen . We set a SLIP TRAP for CICS TS51 and produced a SYS1.DUMP that Brian analyzed . His findings pinpointed to the remote CICS and to the fact there is a problem with local CICS ASID , which finally led us to solve the issue . When I asked Brian for the reason no violation was obeseved in TSSUTIL , he explained that this violation comes from the Open Edition component and it has to be delt by TOP SECRET in another way .


SO , this is the reason I open an idea - to either have the violation in TSSUTIL report or to report it in TSSOERPT /


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02-27-2019 11:27 AM

Hi Asher, I've read your idea, but can not understand it. Could you provide more details, e.g. which kind of violations are not recorded, but should be recorded and should consequencely appear in TSSUTIL or TSSOERPT?

Thanks, Josef