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IG / GM - Filter new certification by Link Attributes

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09-30-2015 03:33 AM

High Level Requirements

In Identity Governance (GovernanceMinder) we want to run a certification/campaign on Role – Role relations. However we want to scope the role-role relation by a certain link attribute.



Allow new certifications to be filtered not only by users / roles or resources but also by link attributes between user-roles, user-resources, roles-roles or roles-resources.


Justification Description

Customer requirements require certifications to run only on user-roles, user-resources, roles-roles or roles-resources relations contain certain custom link attributes. This is not possible with the current filtering options


Impact Description

Customer now needs twice the amount of universes (see workaround) to be able to perform the certifications. This has a big impact on run time to start a certification and performance on their systems.


Workaround Details

Create a new universe which copies the data from the original universe and filters it with a PDI script to only have the relationships that match the filters.