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OpenAPI: Additional Timeranges needed

Last activity 05-31-2019 02:14 AM
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11-28-2016 08:50 AM

Some timeranges like "Previous Month" or "Previous Week" are not available in OpenAPI - we need this for a couple of data exports which need to be migrated from eHealth to IM. 


08-23-2017 01:53 AM

here is what I used to calculate "previous month" timerange in bash:

# setup start and endtime
ymb4=$(date -d "1 month ago" "+%Y-%m")
startts=$(date -d "${ymb4}-01" "+%s")

ym=$(date "+%Y-%m-01")
end=$(date -d "$ym - 1 day" "+%Y-%m-%d 23:55")
endts=$(date -d "$end" "+%s")


In 3.2, its a bit easier. You just need the start date, e.g. like starttime=2017-07-01T00:00&period=1m 

08-07-2017 01:53 AM

Also our customer is looking for especially Last Month - some external systems where OpenAPI Query Data is imported to, are calculating SLA's for external customers (for example BSI Oblicore) and these SLA's are often on a monthly basis. Further, some OLA's are also on a monthly basis. 

08-04-2017 02:21 AM


And we need this soon.

08-03-2017 04:43 PM

During our last end of sprint demo for CAPM 3.2 (which is expected to GA soon) Jason showed new time filtering capabilities in OpenAPI / QueryBuilder.  As part of this work some new canned time range were added (see screenshot).


We don't exactly have Previous Month or Previous Week, but do have Last 7 days and Last 30 days.  Is that sufficient or are you really looking for the last calendar month and calendar week?