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All (popup) windows should be resizeable

Last activity 02-02-2018 02:04 PM
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03-27-2015 08:18 AM

Hello, it would be good if all (popup-) windows can be resizeable. For example: - Create a new SNMP profile - Create a new Report - Window of "Edit Menu Set" when you create a new Role - The window for "Manage Vendor Certification Priority" - and so on... Karsten


02-02-2018 02:04 PM

Please consider resizing views when window sizes are changed for all windows not just popup windows. If a window is made smaller, at a minimum there should be scroll bars which is not the case in v3.5 (after shrinking beyond a certain reasonable window size, no scroll bars!), But the behavior really should be that the views within the window shrink in proportion to the size of the window. When the window is smaller than a certain size, then it is OK for the menus to disappear... and be replaced by the 3 horizontal lines icon. Right now, I am working around this by making all my Dashboard layouts 70/30 so that when users resize their window to accommodate an Outlook email window, they are able to copy and paste the entire view into their outlook without having to fuss with window size. A lot of users work remotely on their laptops and this becomes a major usability issue.

08-02-2017 01:35 AM

Anothter customer, the same question:

Any news on this?

We have stayed tuned now for about two years...

03-10-2017 03:37 AM

Any news on this?

09-15-2015 11:42 PM

We have asked the team to review this with some other work we are planning - stay tuned - in the mean time don't forget the F11 trick when dealing with some of the admin views - comes in handy on my small laptop


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09-15-2015 06:30 PM

This is an excellent idea.

Even if all windows can't be resized to any size, they should be able to be MAXIMIZED.

09-07-2015 09:33 PM

We have asked the UX team to investigate this as part of our initiative to update CAPC with new EXT/JS, etc. - stay tuned and please be sure to vote if this is important to you

06-23-2015 10:18 AM

This should apply to every CA tool, please.

04-23-2015 12:50 PM

A very meaningful idea!!!