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Service Catalog Offerings cater for Service Desk groups via ca_contact

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03-12-2015 10:41 AM

I have an idea, namely where Service Catalog service offerings permissions would be able to cater for more than just EEM/AD groups but be able to cater for SDM groups too, from the ca_contact table. What are your thoughts


09-01-2017 08:38 AM

Thank you for submitting this idea. The product team is reviewing this idea and is looking for additional input from other community members.


Community Members: If you agree that this is a good idea, please vote and add comments with details about your requirements.

08-22-2017 01:54 PM

Our organisation is 12 000 employees strong across multiple domains and it simply isn't feasible for us to sync sdm to ldap, the ldap groups are never granular enough for us to utilise 

08-22-2017 11:32 AM

In large organizations, permissions on Catalog offering are often given based on AD membership associated with the end user position. HR, IT, Manager or whatever.

Recreating this in SDM manually would be time consumming.


Right now, you can already achieve what you want without modifying anything. Simply synchronize your SDM groups on AD groups.


How to integrate CA SDM with LDAP - CA Service Management - 14.1 - CA Technologies Documentation 

08-21-2017 08:08 AM

Excellent Idea!

08-17-2017 03:10 AM

Definitely a good idea. 


Setting up security to individuals / groups is painful through EEM / AD at this stage.