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Remove JBoss/Tomcat Agent limitations for modern Java applications

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08-19-2016 08:26 AM

The JBoss/Tomcat agent for siteminder allows a pure java deployment of an application (no Apache httpd required), however modern application development is moving towards containerless models, in particular Spring Boot.


We package applications using Spring Boot and include the siteminder agent (spring boot allows me to programmatically add the relevant config to the embedded tomcat application).


However, the tomcat agent is highly dependant on log4j 1.x which is now EOL and also not necessarily the goto choice for logging these days. In particular with spring boot, slf4j is the default, however the log4j to slf4j bridge (which attempts to be a binary drop in for log4j to instead use slf4j) is not compatible with the siteminder agent since it uses low level log4j ap;s.


The suggestion is to switch to a logging abstraction such as commons-logging to slf4j to eliminate incompatibilities and open up a number of more modern app deployment patterns that our company is looking to leverage.


10-28-2016 01:33 PM


I wanted to respond since the idea you raise is a good one. The tomcat agent is a product from our Services team though. I've spoken to them and if you are interested in pursuing changes to the agent you should reach out through your account team to possibly review a custom approach that would work in your environment. As this isn't a core product component, I'm marking this idea as 'not planned'.