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Add FMH5 data to PMAM-generated SMF transactions

Last activity 04-03-2019 05:17 PM
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10-23-2014 04:24 PM

1) Humana leverages several mainframe-based transaction /
DBMS technologies, such as CA-IDMS, CICS, DB2, and WebSphereMQ.


2) For some enterprise business solutions, multiple
transaction/DBMS technologies are used together, where multiple transactions
are executed in sequence, each providing a key role/function in order to
accomplish a particular business function.


3) For Humana, CA-IDMS is a strategic solutions component,
and as such, the IDMS transaction execution and performance achieve must be
measured and tracked for its component function in the overall business

  1. IBM currently provides critical identification information (NETNAME /

  UOWID -- taken from FMH5), permitting the customer to
correlate the related transactions for analysis and management reporting.
Currently, this key NETNAME/UOWID information is not recorded by CA-IDMS for the
purposes of enterprise mainframe transaction correlation.


4) Humana requests CA enhance the CA-IDMS SMF data (PMAM
task section) to record this NETNAME/UOWID information and as well consider
how CA-IDMS can contribute this key information for transactions passing
through IDMS.  With this additional identification data, the MICS IDMS Analyzer
can then be enhanced to capture the information for cross-technology

For reference purposes, the CA SupportConnect issue
#15933077 was opened with the CA MICS IDMS Analyzer, and the MICS R&D / support
organization requested that the CA-internal issue #15978030 also be mentioned in
this request.


04-03-2019 05:17 PM

Hello All,


The CA IDMS Development team is pleased to announce that this enhancement request has been delivered via PTFs SO06628 and SO06629.  Thank you for your suggestions!  


Best Regards,

Nakesha Newbury

Product Owner, CA IDMS

10-24-2018 05:07 PM

Hello All,


Our CA IDMS Development Team is currently working on a new feature to include the Netname and UOWID in our PMAM SMF record.  We are coordinating our change with the CA MICS IDMS Analyzer development team. This allows our customers to correlate IDMS transactions for analysis and management reporting.


We are looking for customers to join our Customer Validation Program.  We have monthly WebEx meetings to discuss all new features and get feedback.  As a participate in the program, you get early access to the New Feature APARs.  You can apply and test the APARs in your environment, and provide input to us for change.  Our next call is coming up November 13th, 2018.  Please use this link to register:




Thank you!


Nakesha Newbury


Sr. Product Owner, IDMS

02-28-2018 02:21 PM

It is great news that IDMS PMAM task/transaction event statistics will soon have UOWID information -- just to confirm the details, what is needed would be similar to what is found in IBM CICS/CMF (SMF 110 subtype 1) and IBM DB2 ACCOUNTING (SMF 101), to include the NETNAME identifier, also the complete UOWID field (8 bytes).  And it must be able to correlate these fields from an IDMS CV transaction to an associated CICS transaction / DB2 thread (or MQ message - using MQ ACCOUNTING SMF 116 subtype 1).


Thank you,

Scott Barry
Humana Inc., Contractor: SBBWorks, Inc.

02-24-2016 10:34 AM

Okay, this enhancement request now has 7 VOTEs -- what would be the next-step to seriously consider adding the support to IDMS PERFMON data source (and then clue-in the CA MICS R&D team as well to add support)? 


Thank you,


Scott Barry

SBBWorks, Inc.

07-30-2015 04:15 PM

Chris, thank you for your idea, much appreciated.  We are placing this in a "wish list" status for further analysis. Voting is still open to gauge additional interest from the community.

03-19-2015 09:36 AM

This longstanding IDMS PERFMON SMF data source enhancement request to have IDMS participate/contribute with other transaction / DBMS technologies within z/OS would help users correlate related transactions when pursuing possible performance problems where an "originating" transaction causes another related transaction / service-request to execute, while waiting for that process (actually could be more than one) to complete.


Possibly a terminology / reference used for the identification-field is Function Management Header or FMH-5 identification information.


Scott Barry

SBBWorks, Inc.