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11-17-2017 09:58 AM

When the AUDIT attribute is added to an accessor ID, SMF type 231 records are cut for all USS events identifiable via the UNIXOPTS(...) control option.


In other words, it is as if for that accessor ID, TSS control option UNIXOPTS(DIRACC,DIRSCH,FSOBJ,FSSEC,IPOBJ,PROCACT,PROCESS) was set in the TSS parameter file.


We have certain accessor IDs for which we are required to set the AUDIT attribute, and these accessor IDs generate millions of undesired and unneeded SMF type 231 records.


I suggest that the AUDIT attribute should NOT activate any of the UNIXOPTS(...) settings for the accessor ID and that there should instead be an independent attribute or CASECAUT permission for each of the UNIXOPTS(...) settings.


I also suggest that TSS control option UNIXOPTS(...) be enhanced with a SUPPRESS setting which would suppress the generation of SMF type 231 records associated with USS events, regardless of whether they were being generated pursuant to a UNIXOPTS(...) settings or by the enhanced methodology proposed above.


John P. Baker