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Customize VST tab

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01-05-2016 06:07 AM

What we have now :

In the present day user console, we can configure the View Submitted Tasks tab to automatically display the submitted tasks for a current day, preventing users from having to enter search criteria. we don't have option to hard-code values in the task name filter drop-down.

Expectation :

So we need to create a new task which can be a copy of the View submitted task tab and where we can be able to do the following changes in it :

A drop down to be included and the drop down entries needs to be hard-coded. We also need a check box where we can disable a particular task from the drop down so that the user who is having access to VST won't be able to view that task.

Reason of this Idea:

This idea is to prevent vulnerability issue that we are facing now.


01-05-2016 06:09 AM

Rinat Matityahu - i have added my idea here as per you. Please let me know if anything more needs to be done for this.