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Alert Notification : Links to the problem metrics or associated alerts

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08-09-2016 07:15 AM

Hello Team,

In Common Email alert notification,

The common template supplies the default value for all Workstation client notifications, and for all SMTP actions.

Certain alert parameters, for example, ${ALERT_NAME} and ${PROBLEM_LIST}, let you add hypertext links to contextual data within WebView. For plain text emails, the properties (${URL_Alert_Info} and ${URL_Detail_List}) supply these same links.

We found that the generated URLs has set time windows= 20 minutes by default. we couldn't find any option to customize the time window in the url.

So can you any one explain how to customize this time window

Example URL:


Links to the problem metrics or associated alerts:;et=1470737783088;st=1470736583088;re=30000;tab-in=mb;tab-tv=pd;tr=20;uid=SuperDomain%257CHostC%257CAgent%257CTest_Agent123%257CBackends%257CDummyData%253AAverage+Response+Time+%2528ms%2529