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SDM Manual Notify - Show all Recipients in Email Sent

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10-22-2014 01:18 PM

We have a request for a potential future improvement of the Manual Notify feature in SDM from our clients.  They would like to have the ability to show, on the email sent, the other recipients of the email.  If they could even indicate CC and TO differentiation would be great as well.  They don't like that a separate individual email goes out to the recipients with no knowledge in the email sent that others may have received.  This can sometimes lead to confusion as to who the proper responder on the email should be (example: AEU and the AEU's Manager is notified; only the AEU should respond and the Manager should just be aware).


07-08-2016 01:19 AM

Hello Sarah,


IT Service Management 14.1 has the ability to show the Notification List. Maybe it is possible to add that to the Manual Notification Template so that people can check and see who was on the list?

A bit of a two-step, but it may help.





List All Recipients of a Manual Notification

You can list all recipients for a manual notification by viewing the Notification List.

Follow these steps:

  1. Locate text (similar to the following example) in the manual notification and click the URL link:
  2. Click the following URL to view the Notification List:




    The Notification List that applies to the ticket appears and lists the notification recipients.


Note: Only the analysts can view all recipients of the notification. When other roles click the URL, a message informs them that they do not have sufficient security settings.



Thanks, Kyle_R.