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Stop using Abode Flash in CAPC

Last activity 10-25-2019 05:34 AM
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10-18-2016 10:11 AM

I invite you to read .

We would like to know what CA's plans are regarding the security related to the usage of Abode Flash.




03-02-2019 04:55 PM

Still a hot topic at our customer, any news (for CAPC & NFA) ? Many thanks!! 

12-14-2018 01:52 AM

Hello, also our customer is really interested in a timeline of a solution. THANKS! 

12-12-2018 06:57 AM



are there any news on this topic? Are there plans to get rid of flash within CAPC?

Newer browser have more and more problems with using flash or just block it. Our internal Security departments also claims not to use Flash anymore.


How is the status on this topic


Greetings Gunnar

08-11-2017 03:57 PM

This is something on our targets for upcoming CY. 

08-11-2017 02:14 AM

I agree .. its time we close this dependency on flash.



06-06-2017 09:29 AM

Tempted to make a couple dozen fake accounts so I could upvote this even more.  Kill Flash not only in CAPC but also in ADA and NFA as quickly as possible please.  Thank you.

12-05-2016 09:11 AM

Flash  also  has many limitations . They could easily start to scale and make much more feature rich with Modern day coding without flash.