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CA WAAE jobtypes need to support standard optional attributes

Last activity 05-10-2018 11:22 AM
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02-15-2018 10:36 AM

I am discovering that all job types are not created equally. success_codes/fail_codes should be supported by all job types.

destination file or std_out/std_err should be supported by all job types.

I fully understand the new job types come from Cybermation. destination file and success/fail_codes were attributes from that.. so why is it that not all plugins support these? 

This makes exitcode logic and data collection very cumbersome when using HTTP /JMX /SAP/Peoplesoft anything.

some of these very basic attributes need to be available for all job types.



attributes that should be standard for all job types: ( i am sure i am missing some but these stand out)



(currently HTTP GET goes to a spool file one cannot get to and will fill up sofware filesystem)




(if one wants to control what to do with a certain return code it is very difficult without the below attributes)





Thank you 


Steve C.


05-10-2018 11:22 AM

seems that people are requesting similar for individual job types. I am updating this thread so it rises to the top. like CREAM :-)

Steve C.

04-03-2018 02:14 PM

This is in line with what many others keep asking when using the new job types that do not have access to std out nor error. remember spool files NEED to be cleaned up because they live on the software directory and can stop the agent if not cleaned up. and if this data is needed for something else it is not a standard name. 

by implementing destination_file as alternate to spool it allows us to direct it to a diff directory and name.


testing of exit codes also should go without saying. 

Thank you 


Steve C.