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Increase the character count for :REGISTER_VARIABLE

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11-01-2018 05:34 PM

Currently the :REGISTER_VARIABLE function is limited to 1023 characters:


Important! Variables that are registered with :REGISTER_VARIABLE are limited to 1023 characters. Variables that are longer are truncated to 1023 characters without notice.




This means that if a variable is larger than 1023 character, then it will have to be split up, registered as multiple variables in Automic, and then pieced back together in Automic. 


Please enhance this in future versions so that :REGISTER_VARIABLE does not have this limit. 



12-06-2018 07:52 AM

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Since AE script variables themselves are unlimited and the job messenger ist used to register the variable and its value within in the AE, the problem seems to be the job messenger. Or more likely the underlaying protocol used within sessions to the CPs. This drives me mad, because this is the only reasonable way of getting defined output back from the operating system. We've all been parsing the heck out of reports - but come on,  it's 2018? Who wants to be parsing endless numbers of reports?

Could Automic at least say something about the feasibility of this request? Otherwise i will implement a chunking of the value to be registered. Sad thing is, this will a) be platform and scripting language specific and b) it requires at least an include in every job's post-script using this.

12-06-2018 07:16 AM

This seems to me to be a (more or less) duplicate of this:

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