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ACF2 LIST LIKE ARCHIVE command to automatically output to a PDS

Last activity 10-14-2016 12:07 PM
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10-14-2016 12:07 PM

1) Business problem will be resolved by adding this new functionality/feature

The functionality will give us a quick, accurate method of backing up the ACF2 LID and profile records in a manner that can be swiftly reloaded. It will also give a method of searching the LIDs, and even a fast method of inserting new LIDs.

2) The importance and urgency level of this request.

This will simplify my administration of over ten LPARs.

3) Details 

I would like the LIST LIKE ARCHIVE command to automatically output to a PDS, with each member possessing the LID record, and all available PROFILE records for each LID record in a reloadable format, like it does for a LIST ARCHIVE command. The LIST ARCHIVE command currently outputs the LID record and some of the PROFILE records in a reloadable format, as well as listing the information to the terminal.


For example, allow this type of command with list like archive to be executed.

4) Implementation of this new functionality/feature


The LID record information, and some of the PROFILE information is already written to a PDS, plus, the LID record information and all of the available PROFILE information is written to the terminal. It should be a small matter to read through the LOGONID database, and write each LID record information, and all of the PROFILE record information to the PDS. It seems that the only work left is to write it all to a PDS instead of the screen.