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AOF - "OPSPDS Function" - Add ISPF Stats such as Timestamp

Last activity 11-06-2019 07:26 AM
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10-12-2018 03:07 AM

We automatically create some msg rules using rexx EXECIO but due to lack of ISPF statistics(timestamp) it cannot be auto-enabled programmatically, it would be nice if there is a function in OPSREXX to add those ISPF statistics(timestamp) for the REXX generated members so that the whole process can be automated.


Currently we're using ISPF LM Services as a work around. But a function in OPSPDS will be more convenient.



Refer to case# 01207858


05-06-2019 02:04 PM

CA OPS/MVS engineering team discussed this idea during ideation review meeting and has accepted it as a valid enhancement request.  Additional research will be needed.   User story added to OPS/MVS backlog.  Idea status changed from Under-Review to Wish-Listed.