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DA/DC should be able to poll String type.

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05-31-2016 06:55 AM

At this stage, you can create a new certification request and poll only elements of the type Int, Long, and Double. This is an idea so that a new certification request should also keep polling String. At this stage, you can only map String types in your vendor cert, however when you create a metric family they cannot be set to poll constantly.


03-18-2019 04:32 AM

Do the same I suggested earlier. How many possible statuses do you have? Once you identify the current status, count using _pollDuration, the seconds the device stays in that status. Display in a dashboard the time the device is in the status that you're interested in.

03-14-2019 12:35 PM

Same thing is happening with our current requirement as well. We want to display VSX status of Checkpoint firewalls on our dashboards. The VSX status comes as Octate String. But we can not map it on dashboard as CAPM does not support string data.

02-22-2018 11:43 AM

Thank you for your helpful comment. I do use convert it like so: Double.parseDouble(rstemp.toString()) so I'm happy there is a solution to it when writing the VC. It would be good for CAPM to auto-magically use this function when it encounters a returned SNMP string type but not complaining. What is Seenu talking about then?

02-22-2018 03:33 AM

You can use java methods to extract string data and convert it in numbers. Double.parseDouble() and toString() to get what you need from text to numbers. The vendor certification is fully MVEL capable. Basically you can use any Java methods, as long as you write your own validation logic in the expressions in the VC. I encountered problems when validating the expressions, as the DA validates the MVEL expression on the VC upload. Usually this means that the expression should be valid, even if the used variables don't have any values.


02-21-2018 04:14 PM

Bad MIBs. There was a Cisco one for a portable device where longitude and latitude was a string data type. And I have another vendor with multiple metrics that require polling but are defined as string types.

07-14-2016 09:55 AM

Agreed, it would be a good idea to be able to poll String based data.

I also have this requirement that I need to poll strings and then have to show them as tabular or any other form whichever is avaiable.


In my case, I want to poll Modulation Type, Mode and other parameters for Microwave devices.  Its value can be QAM-XY and etc.

05-31-2016 08:40 AM

Hi Catalin,


One of my customers wanted to poll "Class maps" and "Policy maps" which are string values from the following mib




They do not want to run a trend report or aggregate values. They would like to see these values being polled so that any changes can be recorded. They wish to see them in a table view.



Seenu mathew

05-31-2016 07:58 AM

Seenu, what would be the reason behind polling String values? You cannot use a string value, as there's no way to perform a rollover of values. Whenever the aggregation process kicks in, the values cannot be aggregated. How do you run a trend report on a string value?