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In Netmaster Add the Ability to filter on TCP Flags to General Trace

Last activity 01-22-2019 10:07 PM
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10-24-2018 02:58 PM

Within Smarttrace, the General trace allows for filtering on protocol type as well as several other criteria, which is very helpful for limiting the records gathered.

However, it does not allow for filtering on TCP flags the way that the TCP Trace template does..


It would be very helpful if, when TCP is selected as the protocol, the General Trace would also allow additional filtering on the TCP flags (SYN,ACK,PSH,RST,URG,FIN).

Currently we must choose one trace or the other and are then forced to manually do additional filtering outside of Netmaster.


01-22-2019 10:07 PM

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++PTF (SO06853)


The SmartTrace (/SMART) packet capture criteria on page 2 of a TCP Trace
definition does not support packet direction.

Both inbound and outbound packets are captured.

More packets are captured than are required for problem determination.


Page 2 of TCP Trace definition has been updated to support packet direction.
Change made to 3270 UI only. Does not apply to Multiple TCP Trace definition.

11-21-2018 08:07 PM

It would be far easier to support direction filtering on the TCP trace. Packet Direction is supported in the TCP trace stop criteria. Seems to be an omission from the TCP Trace details. 

10-24-2018 07:24 PM

Specifically Lori wants to be able to specify a  FLAG option of 'SYN'  combined with only OUTBOUND packets.

The TCP trace certainly allows for the SYN flag specification, but there's no way to specify just for OUTBOUND.

Conversely, the General TRACE allows for the specification of OUTBOUND but not flags.

Basically the desire is for an ALL powerful trace that allows for the combination of General and TCPIP trace.   

10-24-2018 07:14 PM

A TCP trace does this filtering. Why do you use General Trace?