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Enhancement to the Intertest CICS SOURCE LISTING DISPLAY facility TOP command.

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02-12-2020 05:38 PM

Viewing​ PROTSYM program source code difference between Intertest CICS and Intertest batch​ when using the TOP command.​.

When​ you view an Endevor generated source code listing for the same program in the PROTSYM file Intertest batch shows the Endevor Banner pages​ which is the beginning of the program listing. If you page forward in the listing using PF8 and then enter the TOP command you are positioned back at the beginning of the program listing.

When you view the​ same source code with ​ Intertest​CICS transaction ITST Intertest CICS shows the source coding starting at the Identification division. This is not the TOP​ - beginning of the program listing. You need to page backwards using PF7 several times to view the TOP - beginning of the listing. If you page forward several pages in Intertest CICS and then enter the TOP command you are ​positioned back to the Identification division and NOT the actual top of the listing.

The client requests ​an enhancement to Intertest CICS  work the same as Intertest batch and position the source code listing ​at the first line of the​ source code and not the Identification Division. When the TOP command is used the listing should be positioned at the beginning of the listing.

​Intertest CICS is currently working as designed.