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Monitoring Scheduler for UIM probes

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02-19-2020 09:14 AM


This is the 3rd time that a costumer compares us with legacy monitoring tools or other vendors because of this topic. 

As we know UIM probes are commonly configured with execution frecuencies, but the probes can't execute their monitoring at specific time or moments during the day or weeks, in other words an scheduler. 

For example, OMI from HP has a feature where the admin can schedule monitoring executions for all available monitors in a group of servers on sundays at 3am, where they know the backup tasks finish. But we can't do this with UIM. 

I can configure pre procesing tasks from nas probe, but this means that the probe is constantly monitoring a device, or something else, with the configured frecuency using resources without sense, and the nas probe is using resources to exclude alarms. What is not eficient. 

We need an execution scheduler for UIM probes. 



04-13-2020 08:50 AM

Hi Team!

Any update about it?