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Enhancement Request - Automated tool

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02-27-2017 02:35 AM

Details of the enhancement request

Please enhance current automated tool to be able to configure "IdP -> SP partnership with SAML2.0 applications" from catalog request form.


Current problem  

We have been getting several request from Secure Cloud customer for Idp -> SP partnership configuration with SAML 2.0.

However, the customer has been experienced the errors in the set of each parameter values.

I believe the reason is need to operate several manual settings by SaaS team.

These operation misses have an impact to the end users who are impossible to use applications as scheduled in advance.

On the other hands, office 365 with WSFED has already automated which is never been happened miss configuration,


03-16-2017 07:19 AM

This is under review by the CA Secure Cloud Hosting Team.