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CA Identity Governance - Option to schedule 'start full correlation'

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07-17-2016 05:48 AM

We are one of the Banking customers of CA Identity Governance (12.6.2). We have currently gone live with the solution. In our environment we have a business case where we have frequent modifications of EXISTING User Accounts on different applications.


We were told by CA Support that (case 00346103), every time an Existing user account gets modified it does NOT get Auto-Correlated by CA Identity Governance (CA IDG), as that this is done by design. Only NEW User accounts get auto-correlated using the in-built schedule job.


And if we need to auto-correlate the Existing modified user accounts, we have to run the 'Start Full correlation' button manually which present under 'Administration > Universes > Universe_Name > Correlation'.


We would like to request for CA to expose the 'start full correlation' option as a Schedule job either with the product or as an external API/Web Services interface, so that we can automate this task rather to have this correlation job to be done manually.




Other product users, please give a thumbs up, if you agree with this use case.



Anvar Sadat


08-01-2016 04:51 AM

Thanks for submitting the idea, it is being reviewed.