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Provide additional filters for USM group visibility

Last activity 12-17-2016 12:59 PM
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08-10-2016 11:27 PM

At present USM groups can be assigned to an account, and thus be visible by account contacts. However we would like some lower level groups in USM to be only visible to certain contact users within an account.


e.g. We have an account ACME

Users in ACME are

  customer (ACL: ACME_customer)

  operator (ACL: ACME_ops)

  engineer (ACL: ACME_super)


We have groups in USM as follows


ACME (Account: ACME)

-- Apps

-- -- Payroll

-- -- SQL

-- Devices

-- -- Windows

-- -- UNIX

-- Monitoring

-- -- Windows

-- -- -- Default

-- -- -- SQL

-- -- -- Exchange


We want the following visibility


customer - Only Apps and lower level (e.g. Apps\SQL)

operator - as above + Devices tree

engineer - only Devices and Monitoring


To facilitate this, we would like to see USM groups have an additional field, containing a list of ACL's that the group is visible to, with a default entry of blank meaning all ACL's.


e.g.Group creation would have


Group Type:

Member Type:






Visibility could either be a freeform field, or a list picker dialog, with a standard left\right visibile\hidden list


This would also allow us to have a "publish" mode for USM groups - we could create groups with a very restricted ACL list, confirm the layout and queries are as expected, and then remove ACL's to make them available to all - at present the groups are visible immediately upon creation, which can confuse some users of the USM portlet.


An enhancement to this would be a new ACL item which ignored the new visibility criteria, so super users or administrators would always see USM groups regardless of the ACL values in the Visibility field.