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limit server resources (max cpu/max mem) that logmon probe can use

Last activity 09-28-2016 08:56 AM
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09-28-2016 08:56 AM

Good afternoon.

Wondering if there could be implemented a mechanism that would prevent the logmon probe from consuming too much resources?

I am referring is, a fail-safe mechanism that could prevent poorly designed profiles from consuming too much server resources, to the point to a server crash.

I have seen some places, where people use the processes probe to make sure that the logmon process doesn't reach a certain level of CPU and/or memory, and if so the processes probe would kill the logmon process interely.

There are specific cases where the regex used in the logmon profiles aren't well design and when implemented will cause the logmon to consume all of the robot resources.

Thank you for your time,

Francisco Oliveira Ramilo