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Move ‘Use for adaptive ERT’ from ‘Variables & Prompts’ to ‘Runtim

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04-13-2018 04:36 PM

The user interface for the adaptive estimated run time feature is implemented in a startlingly bad way. One must now specify, for each and every object variable, whether the variable should be used for adaptive ERT calculations, and if so, how. This implementation is sub-optimal, because:

  • The vast majority of executable objects will not use ERT — adaptive or otherwise.
  • For that small fraction of objects that use adaptive ERT, the vast majority of the objects’ variables will have no bearing on ERT calculations.


Figure 1. Object variables, and object variables relevant to adaptive ERT.

  1. All object variables defined on all executable objects. The user must currently specify an adaptive ERT behavior for every object variable in this set.
  2. All object variables defined on objects that actually use the adaptive ERT feature.
  3. All object variables that are defined on objects that actually use the adaptive ERT feature and are relevant to adaptive ERT. This is the set of object variables on which it makes sense to specify adaptive ERT behavior.


It does not make sense at all to demand that the user specify a setting for every object variable in Set 1, when the setting is relevant only to the tiny subset of object variables in Set 3.


It would be highly preferable to implement this the other way around — that is, allow the user to specify the name of one or more object variables that should be used for adaptive ERT calculation in a table on the Runtime tab. This has several advantages over the current approach:

  • It removes from the Variables & Prompts tab controls and elements that are almost always unneeded and distracting.
  • It eliminates extra manual steps from the process of adding object variables.
  • It places controls for specifying the ERT-relevant variables on the Runtime tab, together with other controls related to ERT.

Legacy enhancement request ID: PMPER-1124, opened 2016.02.04. See also this related discussion thread in the Automic Community discussion forum.