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Better co-operation between CA ROC and CA CDD

Last activity 07-13-2018 12:34 PM
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07-13-2018 12:34 PM

In most cases, CA CDD is the starting point for our deployment processes. Very few users have access to ROC. Due to this we need good information on CDD side when process is executing on ROC. Currently,  CDD side Run deployment - task returns very little information of what is happening - basically just start and failure.


To provide more information to the CDD board users, we are calling CDD  REST api for activity log from ROC.  But being able to call it, we need CDD release id. The only way to get that currently is via workaround by setting our ROC project name to match with CDD release name. This way we get the CDD release id with another REST call. While tying CDD release board name with ROC project name is at the moment ok, it is limitation which may backfire one day.


Proposal is this:

1. Add an "extra parameter" field to the CDD Run deployment task which would just be passed to ROC prosess. Our ROC process could grab that parameter and use it how we want. (e.g pass the CDD boards release id to the process)

2. provide ROC action pack for CDD, helping doing the operations against it such as:  CDD - Log to activity log.