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DSNB propagate when new expdt is same as existing expdt

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07-26-2016 10:19 AM

When selecting the option RETAIN from the UTILITIES menu of the CA-1 ISPF interface, the new expdt for a DSNB should be propagated to VOL1 as long as it is higher than the one on VOL1. Currently, if the requested expdt on the DSNB is the same as the current expdt on the same DSNB, but higher than what is on VOL1, the requested expdt is not being propagated.


For example:


1. Create a multi-volume, multi-file tape with RETPD=5.

2. Change VOL1's expdt to be 2 days from creation, ie RETAIN. VOL1's expdt is now less than on the DSNB, as expected.

3. Change the expdt on the DSNB to be 5 days from creation, RETAIN. Message UPDATE COMPLETED is issued, but new expdt is not propagted to VOL1.

4. Change the expdt on the DSNB to be 7 days from creation, RETAIN. Message MULTI UPDATES COMPLETED is issued and new expdt is propaged to VOL1.




Wish listed and will be included at a later date.


Mark Warren