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FOKUS: Full UTF-8 Support for AE and Ecosystem

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04-13-2018 04:36 PM

Admittedly I am surprised this didn't yet exist as an "idea" here, but here it goes:

The AE and the ecosystem (agents etc.) needs full UTF-8 support in order to work with all character sets in any foreign market.

(German version follows):

Die Automation Engine und alle Konponenten sollten voll UTF-8 fähig sein.


05-10-2019 03:40 AM

Dear Community,


we are currently starting to research this topic and are looking for interested customers who want to work with us. If anyone of you is eager to this discuss and validate this topic together with us in more detail, please send a short message to:



Robert and the Automic Product Management team

03-15-2019 04:58 AM

More or less. This one is all-encompassing.


I had in fact seen several smaller (in terms of scope) ideas for specific areas, like "enable UTF-8 support for this or that OS", or "enable characters from this particular language" or "allow the client to do this". I don't think that's the best approach, I think they (i.e. the vendor) needs to make UTF-8 the default for all their components.


Hence, one idea to rule them all

01-16-2019 05:31 AM

This is an ever increasing problem for us as we expand heavily in Poland but AE does not support polish characters (UTF-8). We are close to a critical point where we need to reconsider our Automation infrastructure choices.

Pls. put this on your AE roadmap ASAP.

12-06-2018 07:08 AM

This seems to me to be a (more or less) duplicate of this

UTF-8 Support for Linux 

08-23-2018 06:33 AM

We desparately need this, pls everyone vote for it :-)

08-17-2018 05:41 AM

Carsten Schmitz wrote:


It provides very novel ways to deal with the length restrictions in Automic.


Remember though that most of these characters require at least a couple of bytes.

08-17-2018 05:38 AM

The Swift language allows Unicode characters, including emoji, in variable & function names. E.g.,

Swift By Emoji: A considered approach — Erica Sadun 

08-17-2018 05:30 AM

Loving it!


It provides very novel ways to deal with the length restrictions in Automic.


CALL.SAP.TRAINING.CATALOG.WORDCOUNT.CRAWLER too long for Automic? Meet the new object:


(Had to do this as an image, because CA's forum allows pasting unicode, but doesn't save/display it properly in a post afterwards. So sad ...)


08-17-2018 04:59 AM

Emoji in object names?

07-24-2018 09:42 AM

Yes please. 

I was completely flabbergasted when I originally found out that this was not the case already.

05-18-2018 12:31 AM

Good idea :) We need. Thanks

05-18-2018 12:31 AM

Great Idea - will vote for it as soon as its enabled..

05-18-2018 12:31 AM

Yes we really needed UTF-8 support.Thanks

05-18-2018 12:31 AM

In any case. I am amazed that utf-8 is still not fully supported until today.

05-18-2018 12:31 AM