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IBM integration bus message flow invocations metrics are not reporting in CA APM when using json as

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06-08-2018 10:26 AM


I am using CA APM 10.5.metrics are reported well when we are using XML output format in web-sphere ibm integration bus/message broker web ui settings. but now we are changing output to json format.


After restarting the agent it (Message Broker Metrics- >Message Flow Invocations) greyed out/stopped reporting in investigator console. please help.


There is a requirement to change IIB Message Flow statistics to output format JSON to support the IIB Web GUI.

there is a requirement to regression test Introscope IIB statistics capture and reporting.


IIB Web GUI does not support XML format.

Seems Introscope does not support JSON format (with its current configuration) in their current configuration.

IIB Web GUI and Introscope cannot be used at the same time. Please help if it can be done.


Please take it as opportunity for enhancement.if we can create a json parser to support APM IBM message broker ext.




snapshot of json vs xml issue