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Certify/Test PostgreSQL 9.5 as Policy/Session store with SiteMinder 12.7

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04-17-2020 05:29 AM

Please help to certify PostgreSQL 9.5 with SiteMinder 12.7 since the postgreSQL 9.4 version is end of life.


24 days ago

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04-21-2020 01:33 AM

As you aware, end of support for RDS PostgreSQL 9.4 starting 20 April 2020. We host our infra in AWS cloud who has retirement plan for PostgreSQL 9.4 instances with tight timelines.
This plan inclusive of automated upgrades of any remaining RDS PostgreSQL 9.4 instances and no new instance creation allowed with version 9.4.
In-order to avoid any outages for our application we request you to expedite the this certification request.