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05-21-2020 09:14 AM

During a ESP to DE Conversion, We identified a functionality gap between DE and ESP for Dataset Triggers Jobs and Events.

In ESP, there is a DSTRIG keyword called RENAME that will allow ESP to detect a dataset that has been created under a different name, but then renamed to our target dataset name.

Here is the link to the ESP techdocs page regarding DSTRIG, with the RENAME keyword:

There is no equivalent functionality in DE to send that keyword to the z/OS Agent so it can monitor with that behavior.

The z/OS Agent should already be able to understand this keyword if it is passed, but DE has no way to send the Agent this keyword.

There is no workaround within the product, so the only thing that can be done is to redesign the process that creates the dataset being monitored.  This will be extremely difficult and time consuming to accomplish.

We are requesting that this gap in functionality be added to the DE enhancement backlog.