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Nimsoft Robot/Probe support required for Oracle OEL O/S

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04-02-2015 04:46 PM

It would be great if CA would certify support for the Nimsoft robot and probes running on Oracle OEL Operating System


01-24-2018 04:49 AM

Hi, UIM supports Oracle linux for 

we have not tested it, but since OEL based on RHCK is compatible with RHEL, it will work AS-is. 


We shall get the document updated for the support soon.


Note : we are not planning to add support for OEL based on unbreakable kernal.

09-10-2015 08:43 AM

Would be great to see official support for this or at least some sort of official certification that if the robot/probe runs on RHEL it will also run on OEL. Good idea!